Journal Writing Prompts

Browse through the collection of journal writing prompts below to spark your writing, beat writer's block or simply recollect good memories. The list below has been created to help you remember your favourite things, pick one and use as is, adapt it or write about any other favourite things it helps you to remember.


Favourite Things

  • Discuss your favourite hobbies or things that you enjoy doing. (Who encouraged you to start? How long have you been practicing it? When do you get time to enjoy it?)
  • Summer? Autumn? Winter? Spring? Which is your favourite time of the year? (Has it always been? What do you enjoy most about this season? What do you associate with it? Who do you think of? Why is this your favourite season?)
  • Describe your favourite sport. (Do you still play? Are you a couch supporter? Why is this favourite sport? What do you associate with this sport? Why did or do you still play it? Describe your best match.)
  • Write about your favourite holiday. (Where do you like to go? Who goes with you? Why do you go there? What do you spend time doing while you are there? How many times have you been there?)
  • The way to mans heart is through his stomach. What is your favourite food? (When was the first time you ever tasted it? Who made it for you? Where were you when you tasted it for the first time? What experiences or events do you associate with it? Share your secret recipe.)
  • Are you a bookworm? What is your favourite book? (Write about the author. Where did you hear about the book? What did you learn from it? Record any favourite passages or quotations worth remembering. When did you read it? Brainstorm any ideas for a book of your own.)
  • Share your favourite movie. (How old were you when you saw it for the first time? Where did you see it? What were the lessons learnt from it? Who watched it with you? Why is it your favourite movie? Rewrite it in your own words.)
  • Does music move you? What is your favourite song? (Write down the lyrics. What song played in the background during your first dance on your wedding day? Why do you like this song? Write lyrics of your own.)
  • Does Superman hang on your door? Is Batman in the closet? Who is your hero? (How long have they been your hero? Why this hero? What has this person taught you?)
  • What is your favourite quote, saying or poem? Write it out and share any personal experiences or lessons learnt from it. (Where did you hear it or read about it for the first time?  Why is it important? Have you shared it with anyone else before?)
  • Daisies? Roses? Lilies or Petunias? What is your favourite flower? (Where does it grow? Why is it your favourite? What memories does it trigger? Who or what do you associate with it? What does it smell like?)
  • Describe the scent of your favourite perfume. (When did you receive your first bottle? Why do you like the smell? What is the importance of smell? Any other smells you remember?)
  • Discuss your favourite colour. (What do you associate it with? How does it make you feel? Why have you picked this colour?)
  • Share your favourite time of the day. (Do you lie in bed and have a toddler jump on you every morning? Does bath time bring you bliss? Enjoy table topics around the dinner table?)
  • Do you have a favourite photo of yourself or another family member? (Why is this particular photo your favourite? What do you remember about it? Where were you when it was taken? Who took the photo? Attach a copy to this journal entry.)

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