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Choose one of the links below for a selection of topic specific prompts. These prompts can be used to kick start your journaling process or as memory joggers for your autobiography. I hope they provide you with endless hours of inspiration.

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Journal Writing Prompts: All About Me

  • Write down your full name. Why did your parents call you this? Who were you named after? Do you have any nicknames? Where did you get them?
  • This is where I was born. (Name of the hospital or other place, why were you born there? Was there anything unusual about your place of birth?)
  • I was born on this day. (Give the date, time and place. Was there anything unusual about the time? Did you arrive early? Were you late? Did anything else noteworthy take place on this date in history?)
  • Describe your birth. (Was there anything unusual, were there any complications?)

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Journaling Prompts: the Clock is Ticking.

  • How do you feel about retirement? (Are you already retired? Is this a period of your life you are looking forward to? Where do you plan to retire to? What do you plan to do when retired?)
  • Describe some of the organisations or clubs you have belonged to. (Did they add benefit to your life? Did you learn anything? Have you met any interesting people?)
  • Write a journal about some of your choice moments as a parent or grandparent. (Have you had any bubblegum stuck in your hair? Some strawberry milkshake blown in your face?)

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Journaling Prompts: Quack? Stories of Faintness and Fuzzy Health

  • This is how I feel about doctors.
  • Describe a time when you very ill. (Were you hospitalised or quarantined, how did you get sick?)
  • Write about a few times you required medical assistance or needed help.
  • How do you feel about growing old? (Wearing glasses, hearing aids, aches and pains, staying in shape)

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Journaling Prompts: Children in the Family

  • Describe the feelings and emotions you experienced on becoming a parent. (How did you feel when you learnt that you were expecting?)
  • Give the full names and dates of birth of your children. Explain why you chose these names and who or what influenced your decision. (Do you remember anything special about this day?)
  • Describe some of the special moments you have shared with your children. (How old were they? Where did they take place? Who else shared this experience with you? Any aha moments?)

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Journaling Prompts: Family Folklore

  • Describe losing your first tooth. (Did you receive any visits from the tooth fairy? Was it a tooth mouse?)
  • Discuss some of your family remedies. (What cures do you have for warts? Hiccups? Sneezing? Staying Healthy?)
  • Are you superstitious? What superstitions did you grow up believing? Do you still believe them?

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Journaling Prompts: Favourite Things

  • Discuss your favourite hobbies or things that you enjoy doing. (Who encouraged you to start? How long have you been practicing it? When do you get time to enjoy it?)
  • Summer? Autumn? Winter? Spring? Which is your favourite time of the year? (Has it always been? What do you enjoy most about this season? What do you associate with it? Who do you think of? Why is this your favourite season?)
  • Describe your favourite sport. (Do you still play? Are you a couch supporter? Why is this favourite sport? What do you associate with this sport? Why did or do you still play it? Describe your best match.)

More journaling prompts: Favourite things

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