Writing Activities For Kids

Use one of the suggested writing activities for kids below to encourage writing.

Writing is a terrific skill a child can learn. The only tricky part is getting them to write something.

Some Writing Activities for Kids

Short Story Writing – A child is first exposed to the world of literature through short stories. Encourage them to write one of their own.

Picture Story Writing – If your kid loves to draw, suggest writing a story out of their illustrations.

Poetry Writing – Writing silly poems and having fun with rhymes is always a fun activity for a child.

News Report Writing –Inspire your child to write a funny news story about a trivial event.

Letter Writing – Writing a letter is a good way to develop a child’s interpersonal skills, too.

Comic Book Writing – Inspire your child to write about the next comic book superhero!

Scrapbook Writing – Scrapbooking is another way of writing and being creative at the same time.

Character Writing – A favourite cartoon character is inspiration for a descriptive piece.

Journal Writing – This activity allows your child to recall a day’s events.

Wish Writing – Writing down ambitions keeps your child inspired.

Menu Writing – Cook up a storm with a wacky menu written by your child.

Script Writing – A play or a movie may just be hatched inside your kid’s head.

Dream Writing – Let your child retell a dream by writing about it.

Reflective Writing – A lesson is better learned through reflective writing.  

Book Report Writing – What better way can a child learn how to write? Reading and writing, of course!

Movie Review Writing – A young critic can write a thing or two about a good 3-D movie!

Writing about a Place – Allow your child to revisit a particular place by recreating it through words.

Writing about a pet – Children are fond of pets, so getting them to write about it is not a problem.

Writing About Ideas – Let your child interpret several ideas by writing about it.

Writing Lists – Writing to-do lists instills a sense of responsibility in your child.

Mix and Match Story Writing – Start a story and let your child end it or vice versa. It will be hilarious!

Vacation Memory Writing – Right before classes start, encourage your child to write about the vacation.

School Memory Writing – New friends, teachers and lessons are great topics to write about, too.

‘Convince Me’ Letter Writing – Get your child to write a persuasive letter whenever asking for new toys.

‘Monster’ Writing Activity – Turn a child’s fear into fun with a comical tale of monstrosity.

 ‘What If’ Writing Activity – Ask an open ended-question and let your child’s imagination go wild.

‘Invent a World’ Writing Activity – Writing can also take a child to a place hidden somewhere in his mind.

‘What Is This” Writing Activity – Before revealing the true purpose of a new object, let your child write his own interpretation first.

Quote Journal – Keep your kid inspired by allowing him to re-write a motivating quote in a journal.

Online Writing Games  - Anything can be found on the internet – even fun writing games!

With these writing activities, your child’s personality and mental abilities will definitely improve.... as well as their writing skills.

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