50 Ways to Beat Writers Block

Do you have writers block? Does writing seem like a chore and fill you with dread? Are you doomed? Has your imagination vaporised never to return? Are you losing your mind? At some point we have all been at a loss for words, but the good news is ....solutions are simpler than you think. 50 ways to beat writers block... try one or try them all.

 Writers Block

Simple Solutions to Beat Writers Block

Beat Writers Block Idea 1 to 25.

1. A free-writing journal. Set yourself a time limit or page limit and write continuously without stopping until your goal has been reached.  Write down everything that comes into your head however random and unimportant it may seem. No censoring and no thinking.

2. Brainstorm. Use any brainstorming or prewriting method to get ideas onto paper. A page full of ideas can jumpstart your creativity.

3. Redefine your audience.  If you started off writing a book for an adult audience, think about changing your idea into a children’s book instead.

4. Talk about your ideas with a friend. It’s easier to speak about something than write it down. Enjoy a case of verbal diarrhoea and share your ideas.

5. Record your ideas into a tape recorder. If you are not yet ready to share ideas with a friend, blabber non-stop into a Dictaphone or voice recorder.

6. Re-look at the angle of your story. Started off with the intention of sharing a persuasive piece of writing, try something more entertaining.

7. Start with the easiest part. You are not limited to starting with the introduction, try piecing together your conclusion or start right in the middle of the story. Fill in all the blanks later.

8. Reboot your brain. You may think of writer’s block as a lack of ideas or too little inspiration but quite often it’s a case of too much. Too many distractions, thoughts and ideas flowing through your brain. Time to pack in the towel for a short while ….. Do something completely different. No thinking allowed!

9. Pick up a pen. If you have been typing away endlessly at your keyboard to no avail, pick up a pen. Try longhand or reach for a pencil. Nothing beats the feeling of a free flowing lead gripped tightly between your fingers.

10. Draw a picture or a diagram. Use this image to help trigger your thoughts and ideas.

11. Change your point of view. If you have started off writing in the first-person point of view, try switching to a third-person point of view for more inspiration.

12. Start a writing habit and stick to it. Wake up, make yourself a cup of steaming coffee, sit at your desk, sharpen your pencil and get cracking. Or do whatever else you find more rewarding, but don’t break the routine and the habit. It takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Can you stick with it?

13. Visualise yourself writing. You cannot hit a target you cannot see, get into the daily habit of visualising yourself actively at work. See the finished product. Imagine the feelings of success and confidence that accompany such an achievement.

14. Use your five senses. Start off by writing about a sensory experience. What can you see? Hear? Taste? Feel or touch?

15. Keep to the clock. Set yourself a time limit and stick to it. Write without thinking or analysing any of your work. Keep the pen moving until the time is up.

16. Find out where you write best. Are you most creative first thing in the morning while still lying in your bed? Do you need fresh air and some tranquil inspiration? Do the words flow best when you are seated at your desk typing away at your computer? Find out where you write best. Your brain will then switch to writing mode as soon as you go there.

17. Get to the root of the problem. Find out what emotional blocks you have when it comes to writing. Replace all negative thoughts with positive ones. Set aside some positive affirmations and read through them twice a day.

18. Banish procrastination. Maybe it’s not writer’s block at all but a bad case of procrastination. You find time to do everything else except write and would rather wash your hair, clean the kitchen sink and bath the dog for the seventh time instead of committing a few words to paper. Deal with it!

19. Take a nap. Lack of sleep is extremely common but it’s not good. Your brain needs a good nights sleep to function effectively. Especially, when it needs to be switched on. In full creative mode and faced with the challenge of putting words to paper.

20. Block out negative comments. “Writer’s have built monuments from the rocks that have been thrown at them.” Limit time with people that break you down, reject negative criticism.

21. Practice Zen.  Teach your brain to focus fully on the task at hand, flush away all other thoughts. Keep 100% attention. Practice makes perfect - keep at it!

22. Try it upside down. Take a look at the situation from a different angle. Climb a ladder, lie on the floor, or step aside. Have another look it might just provide the spark to light the flame.

23. Try a writing exercise to get warmed up. Take 5 minutes and pick a simple writing exercise which has nothing to do with your task at hand. Have fun and enjoy the process.

24. Get some fresh air. You will likely have fresh ideas and be able to write more when you inhale fresh air. Open a window or door. Avoid smoking cigarettes when you are trying to write.

25. See the light. Avoid eye strain and glare from your computer screen. Ensure that you have sufficient light on your work area.

More Ways to Beat Writers Block

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