Types of journals for creative writing

There are many different types of journals and journaling tools available. Spend some time trying out different methods until you find the one that works best for you as this will definitely add to the enjoyment and help develop your creative writing skills at the same time.

Journaling is easy and inexpensive – all you need is pen and paper.

Here are some suggestions:


Types of Journals

  • Use a pocket size notebook. Small enough to fit into your handbag or pocket but with sufficient space to record your ideas - excellent for recording ideas as they occur.
  • Use a large notebook. There are many different forms and colours available from your local stationary supplier, choose one that reflects your style and personality.
  • Use a medium sized notebook. This is my personal favourite and the size that I have been using for the last three years, small enough to manage with enough space to jot down and record all my ideas as they occur.
  • Use paper scraps.  (Paper scraps can get lost easily, so make sure you file these scraps somewhere safe immediately after you have written them.)
  • Use a small tape recorder, excellent for recording your creative writing ideas while on the move.
  • If you are a techno junkie, use a laptop or personal computer. Backup your files daily and print out the pages weekly to keep them safe. You can also use journaling software.
  • Use your notepad and voice recorder on your mobile phone, backup the files daily.
  • Start a personal blog and keep your journal online, you will be able to access it through any internet connection.

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