Tips for Writing Essays

Read through the list of helpful tips for writing essays below. These tips will serve as a checklist to help make sure that you have all areas covered this will prevent you from losing unnecessary marks. Creative writing and essays in particular gives you a voice to express an opinion or story that you would like to share. Original, fresh and creative responses that reflect insight and or personal point of view will be rewarded, so don’t doubt your personal story. Your original voice is unique; this unique content will ultimately bring the extra marks. Be bold! Be daring! Think outside of the box. Make sure that you have covered all the basics listed below.

 Essay Writing 1
  1. Read the instructions carefully, you will be instructed on the word length.
  2. Choose the topic carefully. Do not choose a topic or a genre you are not familiar with.
  3. You must be skilled at writing in a certain genre before you tackle it under exam conditions.
  4. Brainstorm various ideas and plan the content.
  5. Research if necessary followed further by brainstorming and clustering of information. Pay particular attention to the type of genre.
  6. Pay attention to the word length of the essay.
  7. Write from your own personal experiences or emotions as the essays slant will reflect your attitude and tap into your creativity.
  8. Original, fresh and creative responses that reflect insight and or personal point of view will be rewarded.
  9. Write the first rough draft.
  10. Stick to the topic. Do not waffle.
  11. Make sure you include a compelling beginning an a satisfactory ending.
  12. Edit the first draft.
  13. Pay attention to accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  14. Number your essay correctly.
  15. Revise the first draft.
  16. Write the final product.
  17. Correct and edit the final product.

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