Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

A selection of Thanksgiving writing prompts and Thanksgiving picture prompts to inspire fond memories and stories of thanksgiving.

Use these prompts just as they are or adapt them slightly to fit in with specific themes.

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

• We celebrate Thanksgiving every November. Research the history

  behind Thanksgiving and write a brief essay on its origins.

• What does it mean to be thankful?

• The best Thanksgiving treat.

• Think of your traditional Thanksgiving table. Use your five senses to

  describe your family favourites.

• Share some of your Thanksgiving family traditions.

• Is there any part of the Thanksgiving celebrations that you don’t like?

• 10 Things I am most grateful for.

• Gran’s secret Thanksgiving recipes.

• The traditional colours of Thanksgiving.

• If you could invite any famous person to join you for lunch at

  thanksgiving, who would it be?

• My favourite Thanksgiving tradition is ...

• Thanksgiving reminds me of....

• What I love most about Thanksgiving is...

• Picking the perfect pumpkin.

• My favourite Thanksgiving dessert.

• Celebrating Thanksgiving.

• The meaning behind the celebrations.

• My very first Thanksgiving.

• What would Thanksgiving be like without the turkey?

• I am thankful for...

• Thanksgiving smells.

• What do you do on Thanksgiving?

• Who cooks the turkey?

• A Thanksgiving story.

• The turkey’s point of view.

• From the mouth of the bird.

• Something I could not live without.

• Dressing the table.

• What does family mean to you?

• Who’s at the table?

• Thanksgiving means...

• Reflecting thanks.

• Our modern Thanksgiving.

• The myths behind the magic of Thanksgiving.

• The harvest table.

• Ways to give back during the holidays.

• Whose the turkey now?

• After dinner,.....

These thanksgiving writing prompts can also be used to inspire creative journal entries.

Picture Inspiration

Use one of the Thanksgiving picture prompts below to inspire a creative story or Thanksgiving memory. The prompts can be downloaded from

Thanksgiving Turkey with knife and fork
© Photographer:
Lafleur312 | Agency:
Thanksgiving Feast
© Photographer:
Cteconsulting | Agency:
Thanksgiving balloon
© Photographer:
Dzonibecool | Agency:
Happy thanksgiving
© Photographer: Mtkang | Agency:

Pilgrims thanksgiving dinner
© Photographer: Patrimonio | Agency:
Turkey for Thanksgiving Day
© Photographer: Disigner | Agency:

Thanksgiving pies
© Photographer: Dimensionsdesign | Agency:
First Thanksgiving
© Photographer: Caraman | Agency:

Thanksgiving turkey with pumpkins
© Photographer: Clairev | Agency:
Thanksgiving Doll Scarecrow
© Photographer: Mkm3 | Agency:
© Photographer: Ssuaphoto | Agency:
Table set for Thanksgiving
© Photographer: Sandralise | Agency:

Thanksgiving Day.
© Photographer: Iofoto | Agency:

Thanksgiving Football Pigskin Turkey Dinner
© Photographer: Sellstockfootage | Agency:
Baby at Thanksgiving
© Photographer: Sonyae | Agency:

Thanksgiving reenactment
© Photographer: Photowitch | Agency:

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