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Free Thank You Note Examples

Have you just received the perfect gift? Has someone gone the extra mile to help you? Are you looking for the perfect words to say thank you, words that will reflect how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness and convey true meaning? Please read through our many examples and adapt them to suit your situation.

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Thank you cards don’t have to be perfect, different, creative or be one of Hallmark’s finest.  They need to show your gratitude and appreciation and convey true meaning in your own words. Taking the time to say thank you is what’s important, this expresses far more than fancy paper or perfect words. Jean Baptiste Massieu states it perfectly “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.”

The Best Thank You Note Examples

Expressing gratitude and appreciation can be done in several ways. A verbal word of thanks is often enough, but there are instances when a written thank you note is highly appropriate. However, many people find it difficult to find the right words when writing a thank you note, may it be personal or business in context. To help you come up with a sincere thank you note, here are some websites featuring thank you note examples.

In this site, you’ll find an assortment of thank you note samples for several different occasions. These include gift thanks, graduation thanks, business thanks, sales thanks, volunteer thanks and many more. All of the thank you note examples are listed on the left side of the page, as well as on the table of contents at the bottom. The site also shares ‘top ten thank you don’ts’ which you should bear in mind when writing a letter.

Created by Christy Murphy as her personal ‘thank you’ to the world, this site features a variety of funny, sincere, solemn and business-like ways of written expressions of gratitude. On the left side column, Murphy has organized the thank you note samples according to occasion or purpose for easy reference. You can also subscribe to her monthly newsletter, which is filled with articles and inspirational stories.

In this site, you’ll find free thank you letter samples and effective tips to make the task of writing easier. The featured templates guarantee an easy learning process of writing thank you letters; soon, you won't even need to pattern your personal notes from these templates. Aside from an abundance of writing tips and samples, you will also find a wide array of thank you quotes, cards and gift ideas.

Find tips on writing a personal thank you letter in this online reference. Here, you will also find a variety of thank you note examples written for specific occasions or recipients. The site also contains simple thank you messages, thank you poems and thank you card quotes which you can incorporate in your personal letters. You can refer to the table of contents for easier reference.

This site provides you with thank you note wording to create the perfect thank you note. The ideas presented here are meant to inspire you so that you can freely express your gratitude through writing. You will find quotes, thank you verses and even poems that you can write for all occasions. What’s unique about this site is that it also teaches you how to express a word of thanks in different languages.

Different categories included in this site feature frequently updated thank you note wordings and ideas. Over thirty categories with several entries brings to mind feelings of gratitude and appreciation, which in turn allows you to write a thank you note that most resonates with you. Once you’ve selected a template, you only need to make small adjustments to personalize the message.

Find thank you note examples and tips for all occasions by browsing through these sites. With these online references, writing a thank you note has never been easier.


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