Teacher Letter to Parents

When writing a teacher letter to parents it is important to ensure that the letter is easy to read and that the parents know exactly what is expected of them. Parents value effective communication that gets the message across in a clear and concise fashion. This creates an impression that the school is well organised and running efficiently. Parents want the information quickly and easily and don’t want to sift through unnecessary information to find what’s important.

 teacher letter to parents

How to Write a Teacher Letter to Parents

1. Write the content

Use the five W's and How (What, where, when, who, why, how) to ensure that you have all the basic information on hand before drafting your letter.

2. Basic format to follow for a teacher letter to parents

  • Start by stating the department that is sending out the letter eg. Sports & Recreation Centre.
  • Write the date
  • Give the letter a title that instantly conveys the subject of the communication. This tells parents what the letter is about straight away.
  • Put forward the main points of the letter in a clear fashion so that parents can understand what action is required.
  • Include with a personal slogan or style.
  • End with signatures from the organising teacher as well as the headmaster.

3. Formatting

  • Print all communication on an official school letterhead.
  • Use bulleted lists, large fonts and white spaces as this makes the letter easier to read.
  • Highlight any important details in bold font.
  • The school department as well as the title can be written in UPPER CASE BOLD FONT. This makes it easy for the parents to know exactly what the communication is about and which school department has sent the letter.
  • Most communication is printed on white paper. Coloured paper can be used with younger children this helps the teacher refer to the letter by colour instead of subject eg. “Please bring back your purple letter tomorrow.”

4. Add your personal style

  • Include a quotation or personal slogan for which you are well known.
  • A small graphic can be included to add interest, space permitting.
  • Or simply end with a brief statement such as “We would welcome your support at the gala.”

5. Edit

  • Read through your letter to ensure that all the information is clear, accurate and correct.
  • Forward the letters to the department head or headmaster to proof read and sign.
  • Make any necessary corrections to the letter.
  • Take extra care when proofreading communication that has previously been sent out. Gremlins can easily slip in unnoticed when you are simply changing dates and times. Rather take the extra time to proofread carefully and prevent unnecessary headaches later on.

6. Send

  • Print the copies with a few extra’s as there will always be one or two letters that don’t make it home or get lost and need to be resent.
  • Hand out the letters and ensure that they are placed into the take home bags.
  • Highlight any special instructions or remind pupils if the letter needs to be signed and returned to school the next day.

7. Upload

  • Upload the newsletter to the school or class webpage or blog.
  • Notify the school secretary that this has been done. She will then be able to advise parents where to find the information they need.

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