Sample Autobiography

Sample Autobiography # 4 - Autobiography of Nick Faldo (From Life Swings)

“It is difficult to reach for the stars when you cannot even see them twinkling through the impenetrable glare of the streetlights. But I knew that somewhere up there they shone brightly and so each night I would perch upon my bedroom windowsill gazing into the night sky above Welwyn Garden City, painting pictures of the future in my mind’s eye. However, as a young teenager, even in my wildest imaginings I could never conjure up visions of Open Championships or US Masters victories – some things are just too fantastical to contemplate. Deep in my heart, though, I believed destiny had determined that I should become a professional golfer.”

Sample Autobiography # 5 - Autobiography of Francois Pienaar (From Rainbow Warrior)

“Amid the excitement and euphoria, I had hoped the 1995 Rugby World Cup would, truly, unite all South Africans. Perhaps I was naive. But the years of racial division and enmity had seemed literally to melt away as the fledgling democracy found an extraordinary event in which every South African could share and celebrate. I still believe that on 24 June 1995 South Africa did stand together, as one country united behind one team.

I won’t easily forget the ecletic atmosphere at Ellis Park when President Nelson Mandela emerged from the tunnel wearing the Springbok jersey. An overwhelmingly white South African crowd in the stands chanted his name with real conviction “Nels-son! Nel-son! Nel-son! ” Shivers went up and down my spine. I could feel the country changing – eyes being opened, hearts being won, long-held prejudices being exposed.”

Sample Autobiography # 6 - Autobiography of Steve Waugh (From Out of my Comfort Zone.)

“Nestled among the sun-stealing skyscrapers of Hong Kong lies a small cricket ground. In 1988, this speck was the venue for a friendly match between the Australian touring team, en route back to Oz after a disastrous tour of Pakistan, and a Hong Kong XI. It was here, on perhaps cricket’s most expensive piece of real estate, where I reached the point where something had to give.”

Sample # 7 - Autobiography of Eddie Barlow (From The Autobiography)

“If there is one central theme, in which I have always believed, it is this: the secret of life is to be positive, to try your best, to get on the front foot, get stuck in and give it everything.

That’s what I have tried to do, in cricket and in every other aspect of my life. For many years, this approach seemed something instinctive inside of me. It was an attitude that just happened, and I struggled to explain exactly what I meant.”


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