Post Interview Thank You Letter

Writing a post interview thank you letter can help you stand out among hundreds of hopeful applicants. Interviewers would also consider it a sign of gratitude and continued interest. Find tips on how to write one effectively below.

How to Write a Post Interview Thank You Letter

Address the person who conducted the interview. Secure the name and position of your interviewer as a sign of recognition.

            Ms. Cathy Cummings

            Division Head

            ABC Technologies


            Dear Ms. Cummings:

Establish your enthusiasm. Begin the letter with a thank you and a reminder of your interest for the position, as well as the company or organization that sponsors the opening. In a way, this jogs the interviewer’s memory of who you are.


Thank you again for interviewing me for the software development programmer position. To be considered by an industry leader such as ABC Technologies is a great opportunity, and I’d like to express to you my gratitude for giving me this chance.

Make another positive impression. This is your last chance to emphasize your strengths as a candidate. Try to remember certain points that you wish to clarify or add, if any.


The interview convinced me of how my skills can help fulfil the goal of ABC Technologies to develop web-based applications according to client specifications. In addition to the work experiences we discussed yesterday, I also have an extensive background on developing cloud computing solutions with my previous employer.

Reiterate your key skills. Never let the interviewer bury you at the bottom of the file by sending a generic letter. Make the most out of it by setting yourself apart from other candidates. The best way to do so is to highlight key points from the interview which you felt has made an impact.


Together with my proficiency on several web-based programming languages which includes NET, C#, C++, Java, and J2EE, I am confident that my work for you will help fulfil the company’s long term goals.

Suggest a reference person. Interviewers would want to verify your related experiences. Take the initiative by suggesting one reference, possibly a former boss or colleague. Make sure to inform your reference ahead so he or she can anticipate contact.


For more information on my experiences as a software development programmer, please contact Mr. Leo Wineman, my former project leader, at 726-7300. He is more than welcome to answer any of your questions.  

End with optimism. Be courteous and express your optimism for a favourable response.


Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again.


Best regards,


Sam Rockett


An effective post interview thank you letter will increase your chance of securing the position.



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