Personal Thank You Letter Tips

Writing a personal thank you letter may seem like a piece of cake, but it can be a lot harder than you think. To express our sincerity and gratitude in a meaningful way, we need the right words. Finding them can be frustrating and we often shelve the project in the process, but with a few simple rules in our pocket and some prompts to get started this process is much easier and more enjoyable.

Personal Thank You Letter Tips

Some tips to get you started:

  1. Write the date.
  2. Next, your salutation followed by a comma such as “Dear Loren,” If you know the person well it is acceptable to use “Hi”.
  3. Next you will express your thanks for the gift given or favour done.  Example: “Thank you for the wonderful dinner last night.”
  4. Mention two facts about the gift or favour. (What you like about it, something you did with it or plan to do with it etc.) Example:” Your new home looks like something from the House and Garden. Thanks for giving us a guided tour and for whipping up such delicious Mexican stew.”
  5. Express your appreciation and mention the occasion . Example:” You always go the extra mile and make any dinner party fit for a king.”
  6. Mention something about the giver, their husband, children, job or an event that has recently taken place in their lives .Example:” Have a safe trip down to the farm next weekend, I hope you will be able to spend some quality time with your mom.”
  7. Close your letter with “Regards” or “Kind Regards”, if the receiver is a close family member or friend you may close with “Love”.
  8. Sign your name clearly.
  9. Attach a business card to have for future reference.

From the basic tips and prompts above it is quite clear that writing a personal thank you letter is not as difficult and frustrating as you would have previously thought. It conveys your appreciation in a meaningful way renews mutual respect and strengthens ties.

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