Best Online Tools for Novel Writing

Take a look at some of the best online tools for novel writing below. Writing a novel is really exciting, but it comes with a whole range of challenges that a writer has to overcome. Aside from the need for an incredibly gripping story, the main problem new writers face is organizing their notes and writing. Remember as well a novel is going to be much longer than writing an essay (whereby you can get online help from Scribbr). In fact a novel is likely to run into hundreds of pages, so being organised from the start is essential. Here are some great tips and online tools to get you started….

Best online writing tools

Take a look at some of these online tools...

Microsoft Word

The world's favorite word processor, and something you are almost 100% going to need to get to grips with, Microsoft Word is one of the oldest computer writing programs out there. Even after all these years, it is still massively used by novel writers and publishers around the world.

One of the best things about Word and Microsoft is constant innovation. They are always adding new features and tools to their programs. Over the years, this has led to a processor that is absolutely brimming with useful high-end features.

You can organize your different chapters with headers, set up navigation panes, and use custom made templates over and over again. You can collab with other word users and organize your drafts, and the list really is endless.

Most editors will still use Word for their scripts and documents, so it is a great one to be familiar with.


Scrivener is a high-tech writing program designed to accommodate serious novelists. In the program, you have access to templates for fiction and non-fiction style books. You can also export books really easily to digital platforms like Kindle or iBooks. This saves you hours upon hours when ti comes to formatting your manuscript for these outlets.

You can really tell this program has been made by writers, as the sections are easy to re-arrange, using a drag and drop system. This allows you to order scenes and develop subplots and files. It also keeps all of your notes on characters and worlds together, allowing for quick referencing or checking.


For those that use an advanced note system, Evernote is a dream. This program has been created to make searching and storing your notes intuitive and simple. You can upload handwritten notes into your account and access these notes from any device that has the internet.

This is a great tool for anyone who makes a lot of notes, does a lot of research, or wants to write something that requires large amounts of data.

Google Docs

Google docs is great for those who do not have lots of Microsoft experience. A much simpler, more bare word processor Google Docs does what it says on the tin. That being said, after you get to grips with how docs works, it becomes an incredibly useful tool, one that will allow you to share your work around the globe.


There we have it - writing a novel can be extremely stressful. Keeping on track of your notes and keeping everything stored in the same place can seem like a nightmare. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have more online tools up your sleeve to make your next novel a best-seller.


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