Journaling Tools

Here is a list of some of the journaling tools you will need:

  • A journal or a computer journal (See Types of Journals for more information)
  • A pen or a pencil

Optional tools:

  • Highlighter or a marker
  • Acid free glue for pasting photos
  • Scissors

Keeping the right creative writing tools on hand is essential; when the moment strikes “It’s time to write.”

Inspirational moments can be lost in a few minutes as you search for a pen. Decide on what kind of writing tool you prefer, it is best to use something that you are comfortable with to make your writing as free-flowing and natural as possible. When I write cursive it’s always in pencil as the flowing movement adds to my thinking process, as a result a pencil and journal are the only two journaling tools I make use of. Digital software does make it easier to find highlighted quotes and passages if you will be referring back to your text quite often.

I do also have an online journal where I store a variety of creative ideas and inspiration for later use. These online journals are also available anywhere with online access and can be convenient to log quick thoughts when inspiration strikes and your handwritten journal is not close by.

I have developed doodling shorthand to highlight ideas, quotes and pieces of inspiration in my journal that I want to find easily. This works for me but many writers use neon coloured highlighters to draw attention to key passages. You can design your own personal colour key, green might be a “business idea”, blue “it’s personal”, yellow “worth sharing” etc.

Try a few different types of journals and tools until you find the mix that is perfect for you and helps to feed your creative process.

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