More Prompts for Journal Writing

Journal writing leaves a legacy for your family and friends when you are no longer there. It might seem like a tedious process with no financial reward or gain. Look past the short term rewards, journaling is a form of residual income whereby your family can learn from your successes and failure without having to relive them again.

Pick a prompt below to bring on the memories, relive the joyful moments and capture them in words for others to share.


Journal Prompts: Children in the Family

  • Describe the feelings and emotions you experienced on becoming a parent. (How did you feel when you learnt that you were expecting?)
  • Give the full names and dates of birth of your children. Explain why you chose these names and who or what influenced your decision. (Do you remember anything special about this day?)
  • Describe some of the special moments you have shared with your children. (How old were they? Where did they take place? Who else shared this experience with you? Any aha moments?)
  • What has been the most difficult part of becoming a parent? (Has this improved or got worse with time? Has it been a once off or a continuous experience?)
  • Who organised your stalk party? What was special about this day? (Who attended this event? What relation did the organiser have to you? What gifts did you receive? What were you expected to do at the party?)
  • Describe all the unusual cravings and mood swings that you experienced while pregnant. (Did your husband have to find a 24 hour shop for ice-cream in the middle of the night? Was he expected to sleep in the dog house?)
  • What do you miss or remember most about your toddlers?
  • Describe your teenagers. What unusual sayings or quirky habits have they developed?
  • Look at your children’s features, have they inherited Aunt Petunia’s nose or Uncle Calvins dimples? (Any birth marks, where are they and how did you react to seeing them? What noticeable family traits have they inherited?)
  • What has been the best part about becoming a mother or a father? (Have you learnt anything?)
  • In hindsight we always look back on things that have already happened and wish we could have done things differently. As a mother/father what would you have done differently? (Why would you have done things differently?)
  • What do you want for your children?
  • Write about an ordinary day in your life. (What is expected of you as mom/dad?)

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