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A collection of journal writing topics, journal writing ideas and journal writing prompts to inspire you and get the creative juices flowing.

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Journal writing topics to get you started

  • A diet journal. Keep a daily dietary logbook. Be honest and record everything that you eat and drink as well as the emotions that you experience while eating or craving certain foods. Be creative describe the food its appeal or lack of it.
  • An idea journal. Write down ideas as they occur to you. Brainstorm and mind-map them. Record the pro’s and cons, write about what must be done to bring these ideas to fruition.
  • An inspiration journal. Jot down simple words, headlines or phrases, pictures, articles or anything that might provide inspiration for a piece of creative writing later on. Make a quick note of where the idea comes from.
  • A reading journal. Record the title and author of every book you read. How do you rate it? What have you learnt from it? Anything in particular worth remembering? Something worth investigating further?
  • A sketchbook journal. Keep all your drawings, cartoons, sketches and doodles in a safe place. Write about where the inspiration comes from.
  • A goal setting journal. Brainstorm and list everything you would like to achieve, buy, visit or do in every area of your life, you can also record why this is important to you. Highlight your short, medium and long term priorities. Work out your action plans.
  • A research journal. Interested in a particular subject you don’t know much about? Start writing about what triggered this interest. How do you plan to learn more? Record your knowledge along the way.
  • A song writing journal. Do you find yourself humming to tunes on the radio? Reciting lyrics and thinking of ways to make them funnier and more meaningful? Write some of your own.
  • A general interest journal. Write about your interests. What food do you like? What movies have you particularly enjoyed? Seen any memorable Broadway productions? What sporting events have you witnessed live? Write about your hobbies, secret recipes, stain removal tips or anything else worth remembering.
  • A travel journal. Record all the fantastic places you have visited. Mention the people that shared the experiences with you. Where would you like to go next?
  • A combo journal. I like to keep a combo journal, a single book that encompasses bits of them all.
  • An experience journal. Write about your experiences positive or negative and the emotions that swoop along.
  • A belief journal. Write about the teachings surrounding your spiritual/religious beliefs, tell how they moulded and shaped you. What miracles have you witnessed? What stories can you tell?
  • Keep a happy chapter. Write about the meaning of happiness. What makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing? What can you do to bring happiness to others? How have other people made you happy?
  • A list journal. Keep lists. List anything that tickles your fancy top 10 foods, friends, family, books you’ve read, top quotations, football stars etc....
  • A fitness journal. Write about your fitness experiences. What motivated you to get started? Who motivated you? Record your daily fitness routine and monitor your progress. Chart your new fitness programs. Write about the way you feel as you become fitter and more active. Who have you inspired to become active? What are your fitness goals?
  • A prayer journal. Write out all your prayers, mention people you are praying for. Why are you praying for them? Record your feelings and emotions as your prayers become answered. What is prayer? Write about different types of prayer. Describe places you have prayed in.
  • A garden journal. Write about your garden. Describe it. Discuss the seeds you have planted, record how they grow. Who visits your garden? What has happened in your garden? What would you like to do with your garden? Who reminds you of a garden? Do other gardens motivate and inspire you?
  • A birding journal. Write about the places you visit and the experiences you have along the way tracking rare birds. Keep a list of all your sightings. Describe the birds. Describe the places. Describe the people who are with you on the journey. Why do you like birds?

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