Journal Writing Prompts

Looking for some free journal writing prompts? A situation might have arisen compelling you to record a piece of your history; to retell some of your family stories, your traditions, and highlight some of your quirky and unusual family members. What do you write about?

Maybe you have considered writing your personal autobiography and need some ideas to get you started.

I love to simply pick up my pencil and put it to paper without thinking too much about what I am writing about. Often in these free thinking moments your mind takes you to places you would never have expected. The fun is in the discovery, finding about more about you and remembering things you have long since forgotten. Try to write for 5 uninterrupted minutes before slowing down to gather your thoughts.

You will probably surprise yourself and find out that there is alot more substance to you than you originally thought.


Journaling Prompts: All About Me

  • Write down your full name. Why did your parents call you this? Who were you named after? Do you have any nicknames? Where did you get them?
  • This is where I was born. (Name of the hospital or other place, why were you born there? Was there anything unusual about your place of birth?)
  • I was born on this day. (Give the date, time and place. Was there anything unusual about the time? Did you arrive early? Were you late? Did anything else noteworthy take place on this date in history?)
  • Describe your birth. (Was there anything unusual, were there any complications?)
  • Describe your appearance as a child. (Colour of  your eyes and hair, were you chubby or thin, do you resemble any other family members.)
  • Complete this statement: "I am".
  • Complete this sentence "I am  good at...."
  • Write down 5 positive affirmations that begin with "I can".
  • Write down 5 positive affirmations that begin with "I am."
  • Write down 5 positive affirmations that begin with "I know."
  • Write down 5 positive affirmations that begin with "I deserve".
  • How do you relax and what do you find comforting?

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