Journal Writing Ideas

If you need some journal writing ideas, journal writing topics and journal writing prompts you have come to the right place.

Every journal tells a story and preserves people, places and events of the past.There is so much to write about so much to tell.

Here is a list of some journal writing ideas to get you started:

  • A story journal. JK Rowling was a cash strapped single mom, with an incredible ability to tell stories. Pictures of witches and wizards, mermaids and fantastic creatures lurked inside her head. Tell us your stories. Keep a journal describing your characters and plots or fill one with a compilation of many short stories
  • A quote journal. Collect quotes, motivational messages or poems that inspire you. Write them down making a note of where you found them or how you got them and give a few reasons as to why you have chosen to keep them. It is also a good idea to record the date of each entry.
  • A free-writing journal. Set yourself a time limit or page limit and write continuously without stopping until your goal has been reached.  Write down everything that comes into your head however random and unimportant it may seem. No censoring and no thinking.
  • A collage journal. Cut out pictures, news clippings, headlines and articles from magazines and newspapers and piece them together to fit your mood. Make a note of where the pieces come from and why you picked them.
  • A colour journal. Pick a colour pen that fits your mood and write. Moody pick a green pen, angry pick a red one......
  • A scrapbook journal. Combine your conventional scrapbook and your journal by pasting in photos, ticket stubs and other memorabilia. Write down why they are important to you and what happened.
  • A letter journal. Treat this journal as a mailbox, a place to send letters, to yourself and to your loved ones.
  • A dream journal. Keep this journal on your bedside table and record all your vivid dreams and nightmares in as much detail as possible first thing in the morning while still fresh in your memory.
  • A gratitude journal. We should all have a gratitude journal. Write down at least one thing you are thankful for each day. No matter how crummy your day is, you will find something to give thanks for.
  • A poetry journal. Use poetic form to muse on your life, your dreams and your moods. Use rhyming words, free-form, shaped poems or just write down your random thoughts as they flow. At first this may seem difficult, but with a little practice you might free the next “Roald Dahl”.
  • A video or audio journal. Technically this is not creative writing. Have fun, laugh and record all your thoughts and ideas in an audio or video log. The content or the actual recording process could provide the inspiration for your next piece of creative writing.
  • A memoir journal. Record your real life story, your personal and family experiences, your hurdles and fondest memories.
  • A family history journal. Record the births, deaths, marriages, divorces, christenings and baptisms in your family. You will be creating a historical document preserving the people, places and events of your past.
  • A pregnancy and birth journal. Record your elations, experiences and emotions as your progress through the cycles of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
  • I hope you have found something to inspire you from our collection of the best and most original journal writing ideas.

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