Journal Prompts

Use a few of the journal prompts below to relive some special moments. When we are asked to look back upon our lives and give a brief account of our family history the moments seem to telescope down to a few memories. We ask ourselves where has the time gone?


Journal Prompts: the Clock is Ticking.

  • How do you feel about retirement? (Are you already retired? Is this a period of your life you are looking forward to? Where do you plan to retire to? What do you plan to do when retired?)
  • Describe some of the organisations or clubs you have belonged to. (Did they add benefit to your life? Did you learn anything? Have you met any interesting people?)
  • Write a journal about some of your choice moments as a parent or grandparent. (Have you had any bubblegum stuck in your hair? Some strawberry milkshake blown in your face?)
  • Do you have any family heirlooms or memorabilia with interesting stories to share? (Letters, diaries, newspaper clippings, photographs, christening gowns etc. Where do these originate from? Why are they family heirlooms? How have they landed up in your possession?)
  • Share the stories behind your favourite recipes. (Where do the recipes come from? Why are they family favourites? Any secret ingredients? Special moments to share whilst enjoying this recipe?)
  • Discuss some of the homes you have lived in throughout your life, do any of them bring back special memories? (Who visited you in those homes? What smells do you remember in them? What games did you play in the gardens? What did they look like?)
  • Tell us about a very happy time in your life. (Why was this time special? What made it special?)
  • Describe the funniest thing you ever did. (Who shared it with you? Why was it so funny?)
  • Share your most embarrassing moment. (Who witnessed it? Why did it happen?)
  • Write about one of your saddest memories. (Who shared this moment with you? What was your relationship? Have you recovered?)
  • How have you changed over the years? (Has the change been for better or worse?)
  • Who taught you how to ride a bike? Swim? Drive a car? (What was your relationship with this person? Why were they the one to teach you? What do you remember about this shared experience?)
  • Every family has special stories to share, what is yours? (Do you have a black sheep in the family? Are you related to the queen? Has someone won the lotto?)
  • In everyone’s life there is always some major news event that shakes the entire world. Which of these events do you remember? (Why did they move you? Where were you when they became newsworthy?)
  • What advice would you give your 16 year old self? (Your 6 year old self? Your 60 year old self?)
  • Describe the people who have helped mould and shape you into whom you are today. (has this influence been a positive or negative one?)

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