How to Writing Prompts.

Use one of the How to Writing Prompts below to inspire your essay, speech or creative writing piece. The how to writing prompts can be used as is or adapted to suit your theme. Any passion, interest or daily activity can be used to inspire a how to theme, remember to pick a theme that is reader or audience appropriate.


How to Writing Prompts

  • ·         How to do just about anything.
  • ·         How to bake scones.
  • ·         How to make macaroni and cheese.
  • ·         How to make a chocolate cake.
  • ·         How to make the perfect cappuccino.
  • ·         How to froth milk.
  • ·         How to make a pineapple and mango smoothie.
  • ·         How to bake the perfect loaf of whole-wheat bread.
  • ·         How to make toast without burning it.
  • ·         How to pick a book.
  • ·         How to read a book effectively.
  • ·         How to read a book and remember what you’ve read.
  • ·         How to design an original book cover.
  • ·         How to cover your school books quickly and easily.
  • ·         How to pack a handbag.
  • ·         How to make custard in 7 minutes.
  • ·         How to save petrol
  • ·         How to change your car tyre
  • ·         How to compose the perfect picture.
  • ·         How to take memorable holiday snapshots.
  • ·         How to convert your photos into black and white.
  • ·         How to crop a picture.
  • ·         How to open a Facebook account.
  • ·         How to send an email.
  • ·         How to write an email in the correct format.
  • ·         How to save time.
  • ·         How to save money for your next family holiday.
  • ·         How to pick your dream holiday destination.
  • ·         How to plan a wedding.
  • ·         How to use your time effectively.
  • ·         How to use Outlook effectively.
  • ·         How to change a light bulb.
  • ·         How to say a prayer
  • ·         How to improve your maths marks
  • ·         How to swim faster
  • ·         How to build a six pack in 5 easy steps
  • ·         How to win a girls heart.
  • ·         How to dress like a million dollars.
  • ·         How to apply perfect make-up.
  • ·         How to make a mosaic mirror.
  • ·         How to improve your golf swing.
  • ·         How to buy the perfect clubs.
  • ·         How to lose weight quickly and easily without hunger pangs.
  • ·         How to write a speech.
  • ·         How to improve your public speaking skills.
  • ·         How to make a toast.
  • ·         How to use your camera modes effectively.
  • ·         How to communicate with a teenager.
  • ·         How to clean the garage.
  • ·         How to run a meeting effectively.
  • ·         How to mix and match your wardrobe effectively.
  • ·         How to pack light so that you can carry your own suitcase.
  • ·         How to avoid detention.

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