How to Write an Email

How to write an email effectively is not something many of us learn at school. We are taught how to “Send” and “Receive” them but not much time, if any, is given to the correct email format? It is often taken for granted that we know how. Read through the email etiquette tips before constructing your email and refer to the basic outline and design below to assist you with the correct layout.

Email Format

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How to Write an Email in the Correct Format

  • Create a simple and direct subject line to ensure that the crux of the email gets through and is opened. Avoid using spam triggers as well as writing the subject line in capital letters.
  • Structure your email in the same manner as you would a formal business letter, remembering to include a space between each part of the letter.
  • The senders address may be included in the top right hand of the page or below the signature at the bottom of the email. This is only necessary if the email correspondent is not a common contact.
  • Hit enter twice to leave a space.
  • Next insert your salutation. If you are addressing a formal contact include (Dr, Mr, Mrs Etc.) and the recipients last name followed by a comma. If the recipient is a friend or co-worker his first name followed by a comma is acceptable (if this is the usual manner in which he is addressed). Unknown recipients may also be addressed with the formal "To Whom It May Concern:” It is best to assume” Ms” if the marriage status of the recipient is unknown.
  • Hit enter twice to leave a space.
  • Next include the subject line. This may be a repeat of the subject line inserted above. Write this subject line in capital letters or underline if using lower case letters.
  • Hit enter twice to leave a space.
  • Write the body of the email leaving a space between each paragraph and before inserting your closing line.
  • Insert your closing line using either “Sincerely” or “Yours faithfully”. If you are addressing a close friend or co-worker it is acceptable to close with “Regards”.
  • Hit enter twice. Include your email signature or write your name (including title and surname), address, phone number, email and website directly below each other on a separate line.
  • Read through your email to check that everything is correct.
  • Finally, insert the recipients address in the “To” bar above, this is the last step to ensure that the email is not sent off accidentally before it is in the correct format.
  • Your email is now drafted correctly and is ready to be sent.

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