How to Write a Testimonial

Learning how to write a testimonial is easier than you think.

The description provided by best summarizes exactly what a testimonial is:

"A written declaration certifying to a person's character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter or written statement of recommendation."

Review the step-by-step advice below to help make this process easier.

How to Write a Testimonial Step-by-Step

Promote the subject. The purpose of the testimonial is to promote the subject you are writing about to the reader(s). Because of this, focus on the factors you think will convince the reader(s) to favor your subject.

Specify your qualifications. Begin the first paragraph of the testimonial identifying the subject along with a statement as to why you are qualified to do so. For example, for a testimonial about a person, you might write, "I have known John Smith for five years in a professional capacity as his supervisor during his tenure with ABC Company." If writing about a product, you could write, "I began using XYZ Air Freshener five years ago and have used it on a regular basis ever since."

Be descriptive. The body of the testimonial should cover specifics about the subject, not just generic statements. Instead of writing, "John did a fantastic job," you might write something like, "John did a fantastic job in working with customers and generating sales, and he consistently exceeded our sales quotas." For a product, you might write, "This product really freshens the air with a wonderful flower smell that dissipates any ugly odors so that all you smell is the air freshener," rather than a generic phrase such as, "This product works great."

Explain how the reader(s) can benefit. When writing the closing statement, it should tell the reader(s) how they will benefit if they take your advice and choose to accept or purchase the subject of the testimonial.






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