How To Overcome Writers Block Part 3

Are you looking for ways how to overcome writers block? Does writing seem like a chore and fill you with dread? Are you doomed? Has your imagination vaporised never to return? Are you losing your mind? At some point we have all been at a loss for words, but the good news is are simpler than you think. 50 ways how to overcome writers block... try one or try them all.

 Writers Block

How to Overcome Writers Block

Idea 39 to 50 How to Overcome Writers Block

39. Take yourself on a date. Do this once a week. Pick something that you love doing or that you have always wanted to try. Watch a classic movie in the middle of the week, have a full body massage or simply browse through the selection of books at your favourite bookshop. Have fun, splash out, laugh a lot and soak in the scenes. Many an inspirational idea can surface at odd times especially when you are relaxed and having fun.

40. Read a book. Pick something similar to what you are writing about or simply indulge in that newest novel that has been on everyone’s lips. Take yourself to another place, discover new adventures, experience emotional highs and lows, or learn a new skill. It might even be the well designed and extremely creative dust jacket of that new book that sparks your thinking process.

41. Creative Affirmations. Write down everything that you want to see happen. “I am extremely creative and words keep flowing onto the pages.” “I am a good writer.” “My writing is appreciated and I am paid well.”  Reword any negative thoughts you may have into a positive statement and add it to your list. Review this list daily at least three times for maximum benefit.

42. Daily journaling. Express yourself where you don’t need to be creative or find the right words. Practice the discipline of daily journaling or simply use your journal to list ideas and experiences. More journaling ideas>>>>.

43. Take yourself for a walk. Go for a run, hit the gym or simply chase your children around the garden for at least 20 minutes. The feel good hormones released during a bout of exercise lift your mood and make you feel better. When you feel good about yourself you write well.

44. Be creative in another area.  Bake a cake, draw a picture or try your hand at scrap booking. Creativity in one area often inspires creativity in another. Use your creation as the central theme of your next article. Describe your creative experience or simply write about a funny moment or why you should rather stick to writing and not change your career just yet.

45. Awaken your sense of smell. I clearly recall the unusual scent lingering in the home of my great grandmother. The smell is the first thing I recall when I think of her. It has somehow embedded itself into my memory. Try burning some sweet smelling candles or pick a bunch of fresh mint leaves to evoke some unusual memories. Have you experienced any unusual odours of your own?

46. Make a collage. Piece together a collage. Include unusual pictures, photos, colours, and pieces of material, chocolate wrappers or anything that tickles your fancy. Put your work of art up in a prominent place and use it to inspire some creative writing when you are at a loss for words.

47. Eat a balanced diet. Healthy body healthy mind.....make the decision to eat better in the next few weeks. Ditch the junk food, limit the caffeine and up your water intake. Load up on fresh fruits and veggies - the brighter the better. Hey... maybe even that piece of watermelon triggers a story.

48. Make connections. Use similes and metaphors to inspire your next piece of work. Open your eyes and look around you. Ask yourself the question “What does this remind me of?” What unusual and creative connections can you make?

49. Interact with people. Mix with some interesting and different people. People are brilliant sources of inspiration and they have the funniest stories to tell. Write about your experiences.

50. Change the colour of your pen. Pick up a pink or green pen and start writing. Simply change the colour of your font if you are typing away at a keyboard. Red for anger? Green for envy? What colours trigger your moods?


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References How to Overcome Writers Block

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