Easter Prompts

A selection of themed words and easter prompts to inspire fond memories and stories.

Use these prompts just as they are or adapt them slightly to fit in with specific themes.

Ideas for using the words below:

  • Pick a word and write about what it means to you.
  • Take a factual approach.
  • Pick a word from the list and discuss your family traditions.
  • Your favourite......
  • Pick a word. Using your five senses describe what you see.
  • Let your imaginative run wild ...create an Easter story.
  • Pick a word. It reminds you of....
  • Pick a few words and use them to describe what makes Easter so special.
  • Anything you don’t like?

Easter Words to Inspire

  1. Easter Eggs
  2. Easter Traditions
  3. Easter Cake
  4. Chocolates
  5. Growth
  6. Easter Baskets
  7. Easter Hats
  8. Easter Recipes
  9. Easter Bunny
  10. Easter Crafts
  11. Easter Sunday
  12. Easter Poems
  13. Easter Pictures
  14. Easter Cards
  15. Easter Games
  16. Easter Holiday
  17. Easter Egg Hunt
  18. Easter Decorations
  19. Easter Gifts
  20. Easter Flowers
  21. Easter Jokes
  22. Chocolate Easter Eggs
  23. Easter History
  24. Easter Monday
  25. The Easter Story
  26. Easter Messages
  27. Hot Cross Buns
  1. Eggs
  2. Easter Colours
  3. Easter Celebration
  4. Hope
  5. Refresh
  6. Easter Rabbit
  7. Togetherness
  8. A Palm
  9. Sweetness
  10. Wrapped Up
  11. Colours
  12. An egg or two
  13. Meaning
  14. Left Overs
  15. Up Close
  16. You
  17. Easter Sunday
  18. Resurrection
  19. Sin
  20. Easter Bonnet
  21. Jesus
  22. Risen
  23. Tomb
  24. Hidden
  25. Hunt
  26. Symbolism
  27. Jelly Beans

Prompts to get you started

  1. Lent: Making sacrifices.
  2. Colours of the jelly beans.
  3. Easter teaches us about…
  4. Hiding easter eggs... the best places.
  5. The morning after easter eggs.
  6. Who is the easter bunny?
  7. What is the Easter Bunny’s job?
  8. What can you teach others about Easter?
  9. More about hot cross buns.
  10. Traditional easter activities.
  11. Where would you like to spend your Easter?
  12. What do you think the atmosphere must have been like at the last supper?
  13. Egg....cetara's
  14. Born to be a bunny.
  15. Emotions around Easter.

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