Daily Writing Prompt Reviews

Use a daily writing prompt to help you overcome your writer’s block. There are a number of different sites that offer daily prompts and it is important to review as many as possible to find one that you like.

Pick one to inspire creative journaling, provide the perfect idea for your next blog post or add them all together to build up your family history or simply pick one for fun.

We have created this page to bring together some of our favourite daily writing prompt resources.

Here is a detailed review of some of our favorites:

Daily Writing Prompts


This is a popular website when you want a variety of options from just one place. There are 346 prompts to help with getting over writing block, which almost gives you one for every day of the year. This is also a great way to start with your writing and to gain ideas for novels and short stories. There are starting ideas, such as “roommates who have not paid their phone bill” or just words that you need to include in a story like “student” or “college friend”.


This website has a variety of sections for writers, including a daily prompt section. This was actually the page that helped the website become what it is today and it is still popular for many people. All of the prompts on this website are questions, which is something for you to answer. This is the best way to get the writing juices flowing and get over the writer’s block, which is stopping your flow.

The Writer’s Digest

Of course, the Writer’s Digest is a well-known website but something that many will not know is that it offers prompts. There are hundreds of story starters, mainly titles and plot ideas. From there, the characters and the story is completely up to you. These are great options when it comes to starting a new novel or they can just be used as an exercise when you are taking a break from work. The benefit of these prompts is that you can enter your finished work in the competitions that are commonly held on the Writer’s Digest website or you can get your novel published.


This is another popular website that offers a variety of  prompts to help with writer’s block or just to start a story. The prompts are posted every Wednesday, along with the odd competition here and there, which will help many people strive to finish their pieces. Regular competition provides criticism which gives writers an opportunity to view their work from a different angle and improve on weak areas.

Fiction Friday

This is a simple wordpress blog. There is a prompt offered every Friday and then you have a week to create your story. This is a great way to collaborate a number of short stories together or for something that will become a larger novel.


This site has a very easy to use interface and offers a daily writing prompt, which will soon help you get over your writer’s block. It seems to be aimed at the younger generation a little more or for exercises since many of the prompts are short questions like “Cake or Pie?” or “Describe when a failing was a blessing in disguise."

Fifteen Minutes of Fiction

Do you want a list of words that you can use? That is what this site offers. Fifteen Minutes of Fiction offers what they call a “grab bag”. You choose how many words you want to see and the site will randomly generate them. They will not always match, which makes the writing exercise fun and you never know – they could turn out to be a world’s best seller.

Daydreaming on Paper

Even events in the last 24 hours can help with getting over your writing block and that is just one thing that this site will help with proving. There are a variety of different prompts offered every day, which will help with exercises and novel starters.

Each site has different characteristics and will benefit writers in different ways. So, the next time you are struggling with writer’s block or need an idea for a story reach for a daily writing prompt.

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