Looking for Creative Writing Ideas?

To put words to paper easily you need lots of creative writing ideas. Things that are interesting and different make great stories. Where do you find them? Refer to the list below for some great creative writing ideas.

Creative Writing Ideas To Get You Started

Ideas find you when you least expect them, always have a pen and paper ready to record them immediately. Ideas can occur in the weirdest places, on the loo; in a restaurant or even while you are driving in your car. Don’t lose that flash of inspiration it doesn’t wait around long.

Kids see things differently. Children have the amazing ability to see things differently. Ask a question? Take note of their unusual responses. They are shorter and look up at the world, try approaching your topic from a different angle.

Visit an Art Gallery. Spend some time browsing through the collection. Does a particular painting grab your attention? Is it in the detail? Does it remind you of something else? Is it totally unique? Has the artist produced many different and successful works? Does the title grab you? Are the colours truly magnificent?

Life stories. Have you read a particular moving biography or auto-biography recently? Do any characters warrant further investigation or a different point of view? Have you met someone with a particularly interesting story to tell? Do you know someone with an experience worth sharing?

Read a good book. Take a title or a thought provoking line from a fiction or non-fiction book and use it as a starting point for your own story. Look at the cover and illustrations what do they represent? Keep a selection of reference works such as a dictionary and thesaurus on hand and use them to help you find the right words. Research any difficult topics the more you know about the subject matter the better.

Think back. (Childhood memories) You have a myriad of experiences inside your head. What happened to you as a child? Where did you go to school? What do you remember? Try a selection of journaling prompts to get you started.

Classified adverts. People buy and sell things all the time. Pick up your latest classified section and look for the interesting and unusual items on offer. People throw things out but.... There’s always use for bits of junk.

Look for the unusual and extraordinary.  Sometimes, if you take the time to look you will see the weirdest things, peculiar signage, maybe a young child amongst a group of elderly people, someone sleeping on the job, an interesting description on a toilet door? Take a look at the funny side of things. How did they end up there? Why is it so different? Why does it seem out of place? Does it belong?

Let your mind go. Think about a place you would really like to be, imagine yourself successful or think about that perfect person or anything else that tickles your fancy. For the next few minutes close your eyes, get comfortable and let your mind wander........ Where does it take you?

Draw and doodle. Pick up a pencil and start drawing, doodling or simply mind mapping anything that relates to your topic.  Add more pictures, words and lines. Does anything link up or lead you in a new direction?  Think out of the box. More creative writing ideas seem to flow when you aren’t writing.

He says she said... gossip a great way to go. People love listening to gossip. It never ends and gets juicier all the time. What have you heard recently? Or does an article lie in the actual art of gossiping itself?

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