Christmas Writing Prompts

A selection of Christmas writing prompts and Christmas picture prompts to inspire fond memories and stories of Christmas.

Use these Christmas writing prompts just as they are or adapt them slightly to fit in with your specific themes.

Christmas Writing Prompts

  • We celebrate Christmas every December. Research the history of Christmas and write a brief essay on its origins.
  • What is the meaning of Christmas?
  • Your favourite Christmas treat.
  • Think of your traditional Christmas table. Use your five senses to
    describe what you see.
  • Share some of your Christmas family traditions.
  • Is there any part of the Christmas celebrations that you don’t like?
  •  Our family secrets: Christmas Recipes.
  • The colours of Christmas.
  • If you could someone to join you for lunch this Christmas who would it be?
  • My favourite Christmas tradition is ...
  • Christmas reminds me of....
  • What I love most about Christmas is...
  • Picking the perfect Christmas tree.
  • My favourite Christmas treat.
  • Celebrating Christmas.
  • My very first Christmas.
  • What would Christmas be like without the gifts?
  • What do you do on Christmas day?
  • The night before Christmas.
  • A Christmas Story.
  • Climbing down the chimney.
  • The festive table.
  • The myths behind the magic of Christmas.
  • What’s inside the cracker?
  • The night we sang Christmas carols.
  • It happened on Christmas day.
  • What’s inside the wrapping?
  • Give a brief overview of your favourite Christmas story and explain why it is filled with meaning.
  • Helping Santa!
  • Every Christmas ......
  • Write about how Santa adds to the magic of Christmas.
  • Write about the best Christmas present you have ever received.
  • Write about the worst Christmas present you have ever received.
  • Write about the traditional places you visit as a family over the Christmas holidays.
  • Picking the perfect present.
  • Climbing into Santa’s suit.
  • The spirit of Christmas. What makes it so special?
  • A Christmas Wish.

Christmas Picture Prompts

Use one of the Christmas picture prompts below to inspire a creative story or Christmas memory. The prompts can be downloaded from

Christmas market
© Photographer: Alst | Agency:

Christmas Fireplace
© Photographer:
Robynmac | Agency:

Christmas snowman on beach
© Photographer:
3dguy | Agency:

© Photographer:
Yuritz | Agency:

Christmas prayer
© Photographer:
Starblue | Agency:

Couple open a magic Christmas gift
© Photographer:
Justmeyo | Agency:
Christmas gift and baubles on golden background
© Photographer:
Acik | Agency:
Christmas tree 1
© Photographer:
Mitchellb | Agency:

Christmas Tree
© Photographer: Littlemacproductions | Agency:
To be in time for Christmas
© Photographer:
Pro777 | Agency:
Elephants Christmas
© Photographer: Littlemacproductions | Agency:

Christmas animals
© Photographer: Littlemacproductions | Agency:

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