Argumentative Essay Topics

Choosing argumentative essay topics requires more thought than one would think.

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    Here are some points to consider before making your final decision:

    • Have you considered both sides of the argument? Is the topic arguable? Does it have sufficient PROS and CONS to provide enough bulk to your essay?
    • Are you interested in the topic? If not, pick something else, you will be putting lots of time and effort into the subject and will be learning a great deal. More interest means better research and will ultimately lead to better grades.
    • Does your topic matter right now? Is it relevant?
    • Focus on a specific topic and not one that is too broad. Eg. Abortion is too broad, but birth defects and early termination is more specific.

    Some sample argumentative essay topics

      1. South Africa heart of  Africa.
      2. If we are under the age of 30 and want a healthy life, we should definitely get a bicycle instead of a car.
      3. Polygamy is quite natural.
      4. Vegetarians are prone to osteoporosis.
      5. For women there is no need for men.
      6. Cheating helps students learn.
      7. Cheating is beneficial for students.
      8. Stress is good for the human body.
      9. Standard American diets cause cancer.
      10. Technology has replaced the human factor.
      11. Obesity
      12. Child obesity
      13. 16 year olds are too young to drive.
      14. Using animals for scientific research.
      15. Euthanasia – your right to die.
      16. Murderers should face the death penalty.
      17. Sex education will reduce teenage pregnancy.
      18. Sex education will reduce the incidence of Aids.
      19. Football unifies nations.
      20. Advertising. Information or manipulation?
      21. The election process: fair or flawed?
      22. Climate change is man-made.
      23. Paternity leave a dad’s right.
      24. Net nannies a must for every child.
      25. Free condoms prevent pregnancy.
      26. Free condoms promoting irresponsible behaviour.
      27. Pupils from monastic schools are more ambitious.
      28. Good looking girls get the jobs.
      29. Children are parent driven.
      30. Facebook rules the world.
      31. Naughty children absent parents.
      32. Will e-books replace books as the primary source of information?
      33. Does technology give you more free time?
      34. Parents are responsible for bad behaviour in kids.
      35. 65 Years the ripe age for retirement.
      36. TV: Blessing or curse? Discuss
      37. Women are better parents than men.
      38. Vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters.
      39. Tests and exams lift education standards.
      40. No more paper technology rules.

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