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Argumentative essay definition

An argumentative essay attempts to prove a point by supporting it with evidence.  It gives information but also puts forth an argument voicing the PROS (supporting ideas) and the CONS (opposing ideas) of a certain issue. The intent is to move its readers to action or belief. An argumentative essay can also be called a persuasive essay but it means the same thing. You are writing an argument. The argumentative essay must be based on facts and not opinions.

Research and planning.

  1.   Choose an appropriate topic carefully.
  2. Use a Venn diagram to consider both sides of the argument.
  3. List the importance of your topic and explain what it is.
  4. Identify the topic’s place in history
    1. When it first became an issue
    2. How it has become a controversial topic
    3. Where “it stands” today
  5. Identify any other general information pertaining to the topic.
  6. List the topic PROS (reasons for the stand you have taken).
  7. List the topic CONS (reasons against the stand you have taken).
  8. Select your argumentive essay outline.
  9. Reconsider your topic carefully. Do you have enough supporting material to provide substance to your essay? Does the topic interest you? Sometimes it is best to choose another topic at this stage before moving on to the actual writing process.
  10. Write your thesis statement. This should be the only complete sentence in your outline; the thesis statement must not be in the form of a question, should highlight your topic and clearly indicate your position. Take note that a fact cannot be an argument and it must be clearly structured.

An example of thesis structure

X  Considering its geological position, South Africa has an important geopolitical role in Africa. (This is a fact and thus not a good example).

Considering its geopolitical role, we can clearly say that Africa cannot be without South Africa.  (This is structured correctly and is a good example).

 More argumentative essay ideas

  • Choose the right topic.
  • Know your audience.
  • Research and plan effectively.
  • Consider both sides of the argument before taking your stand.
  • Use a variety of evidence types
  • Check your sources.
  • Do not fabricate evidence.
  • Don’t use emotional language.
  • Research your opposing ideas thoroughly to prevent unexpected surprises.
  • Revise and edit.
  • List your references and citations accurately.


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