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In a nutshell, about the author of creativewriting-prompts.com.

My name is Debbie and I am passionate about developing a love for the written word, planting a seed that will grow into a powerful voice with the ability to inspire many.

Several years back I sat staring at a blank piece of paper, I had 60 minutes to select a topic and piece together some words that would inspire my teacher to give me the grade that I so desperately needed.

I was well versed in the figures of speech, knew all the parts of speech well, punctuation and capitalisation was a synch, but no matter how hard I tried to be creative, there was not a single topic that jumped out of the page at me - I had nothing to say. A perfect straight "A" student unable to master the art of simple writing.

To me writing was like stepping into a cold shower, no matter how often I did it the shock to my system was always the same. With two school age daughters constantly working on different pieces of creative writing and formal pieces I have relived this experience many times. Effective communication is essential in any field of work and this includes writing. Writing remains a small and often neglected area which can have real power, it has the ability to motivate and move the masses.

Inspired to piece together a website which would help not only my daughters but many other people who have experienced writer’s block at some point creativewriting-prompts was born. Everyone can write, sometimes all we need is a spark to light the fire, a match to fuel the flame. I hope that you will find the writing tools and outlines I have put together useful, a resource that you can refer back to time and again to help make your creative writing fun, easy and enjoyable.

As for my formal qualifications: I have a BPharm degree and started out my professional career in a retail pharmacy, I studied further in the field of Natural Health  obtaining and NHN and NHC qualification and have since written articles for well know natural health magazines and published an online e-book. I am also the author of http://thehealthylunchbox.blogspot.com .

I live with my wonderful husband and two daughters and need to thank them for supporting me as I spend many hours researching and typing away behind my laptop.

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